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Vodafone India slashes International Roaming Rates

Vodafone India has recently announced from their Twitter account that you can avail heavily discounted Roaming Rates if you pay an additional fee to activate a special pack that will reduce the tariff rates by up to 78% on Voice Calls and an almost whopping 95% on data services.

The standard tariff has you paying an Rs. 70/min for local (International) and incoming calls and Rs. 140 / min when on International Roaming. By paying an additional fee of Rs. 599.00, you can activate a pack that will reduce your charges all the way to Rs. 15 / min and Rs. 30 / min respectively. The discount is much more significant on the data charges that are reduced to just Rs. 30 / MB all the way from Rs. 563 / MB. Hence, this pack is almost necessary if you plan to use even an iota of data while roaming. You could ignore the pack if you are only looking to view who could be calling you and are happy restricting data services to  Wi-Fi. You can access the details of the plan from their twitter update.

It is to be noted that the special pack will remain active only for 10 days after activation and does not auto-renew. This should not be a bummer since most of your business trips are not going to extend 10 days. In case, you want to avail the discount for a longer duration, you can avail another pack of Rs. 1,499 that has a validity of 30 days with the same tariff rates. However, you shall receive 30 free incoming minutes on this pack and you will be billed for incoming minutes only in case you extend the free limit.