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BlackBerry releases the Porsche Design P’9982

Porsche Design P9982BlackBerry and Porsche had earlier teamed up for the luxury version of the the legacy device BlackBerry Bold 9900. We all knew that they had teamed up together again for Porsche design version of the BlackBerry Z10. The result of the combination was the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982 that had popped up many times earlier on the Internet.

BlackBerry has confirmed the device through a Press Release and announced that the device shall be available for sale from November 21 onwards for a reported price of around of $ 2,400. The Porsche Design P’9982 is essentially a BlackBerry Z10 within a luxury stainless steel frame designed by Porsche Design. The rear of the phone is hand-wrapped in genuine Italian Leather. BlackBerry has further announced that a limited edition of this range shall also be release that shall be limited to only 500 across the world, whose rear door shall be wrapped in  genuine Crocodile Leather