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Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9982 Video pops on the Web

The BlackBerry P’9982 has been in the news for some time now. It is the Porsche design version based on the the BlackBerry Z10 ala the the BlackBerry P’9981 on the BlackBerry 9900. I am still skeptical about the device being name BlackBerry P’9982 since that name feels an extension of the legacy device Bold 9900. Time and again, BlackBerry has always changed the name of their BlackBerry 10 devices just before the launch and I am hopeful that the same is done for this device as well.

A Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn has in the past leaked hands on Videos for the BlackBerry Z30. This time they have a video for the P’9982 that shows the external and underneath the battery door. The video shows that the same device that have cropped up in images in the past. It is also clear that it uses the same 1800 mAh battery as the Z10 (LS1) uses a micro sim and has a microSD card slot underneath the door.

The site suggests that the device will be launched in Q1 2014, although there are reports elsewhere that the device may launch on the November 20 2013. Launching a phone towards the end of 2013 and retaining the same SoC as that of the Z10 might not be a wise move all the more because their most recently launched device (Z30) is already using a newer generation S0C. It would be interesting to see if Blackberry chooses to upgrade the SoC on the P’9982 considering the criticism Z10 has received for using a dated SoC and the premium price of more than USD 1000.00 one would have to pay to get this device.