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Is BBM Groups any Better?

All of us have the experience of group chats on WhatsApp and all of us enjoy it. BBM groups betters that experience. You get to chat with your friends at the same chat but with more additional functionality. If you are a busy individual and often find it difficult to make time for your friends and family, BBM groups is an exciting feature. Take the plunge to BBM at bbm.com if any of these features are of interest to you.

Multiple Threads:IMG_20131111

In my experience, everyone likes to have fun in a group and let loose and most of the planning is lost in between the . It becomes very difficult to review the suggestions and the activities planned during the chat. You are most of the times forced to copy or note the suggestions immediately in the fear of not losing out on the information as the chat grows. Multiple threads / chats is a simple idea that could resolve almost all of those issues.

Dedicate separate threads / chat within the same group to different purposes, that would keep all the chats relevant to the topics and you will never again have to worry about noting down the suggestions immediately upon receiving the chats on your phone.

IMG_20131110Lists and Events

Lists is another great tool when you are required to plan and execute tasks and responsibilities within a group. BBM groups allows you to create multiples lists that you can use for organising your grocery shopping and bill payments with your family members or room mates. Any of the group member can create an item in the lists that is easily viewable by all members of the group. Assign tasks to any of users with due dates and know when the task is completed by the assignee after he ticks of the entry within the list.

Each group also has the ability to make entries for events that is shared among all members of the group. These event entries and the due dates for the entries in the list are in turn synced with the calendar of your phones giving you the much needed reminder just so that you do not end up forgetting them in your busy lives.

The groups also have their own individual picture galleries to which all members can upload pictures that can be commented on and liked by other.

Its is clear that BBM groups have lot of advantage over WhatsApp, the principal service BlackBerry is likely to compete with in a few weeks time. If any of these features intrigue you, get yourself and your friends / room mates / family members onto BBM groups by downloading the app on you BlackBerry, Android or iOS phones.

PS: Rumour is that BBM is already working on BBM for Windows Phone. WP users can wait until then. 😉